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In the world of technology, staying up to date is essential. That’s why Jim's Computer Business makes it easy for clients to stay informed about their machines. These articles can help folks anywhere, but if you need assistance with Windows 10/11 or improving computer speed near White Plains, NY, just give us a call.

11/29/21 - There is a software update for Zoom, the latest version is now 5.8.6 (2048).
- We use Google Analytics on our website to determine site traffic. This includes what Country, city and state people are from. This allows us to target for better advertising as well as promotions.
11/27/21 - If you are interested in buying a new computer or printer now is the perfect time. Plenty of Black Friday specials going on. Did you know we offer personalized shopping assistance? Need a new computer or printer & not sure what questions to ask at Best Buy; bring us along and we will ensure you get what you want and not overpay for things you do not need. 
11/26/21 -
We've upgraded our loaner laptops and donated the ones we had to the White Plains Public Library. If you haven't visited there's alot to see: check out their calendar of events for information. Not to worry our new loaner laptops are on Windows 10 and not 11! 
- This program which costs $5.99 can be used to make Windows 11 look like Windows 10 or make either look like Windows 7. We highly recommend this if you are not comfortable with the changes in Windows 11. If you are not comfortable doing the change, call us and we can do it for you!
- Simple solutions to fix basic computer problems.
- When choosing a computer repair business make sure to ask the following questions and get answers in writing: 1) Request a price list 2) Request a business card and check photo ID 3) Are the associated with the BBB 4) Do they have a Tax ID and are they registered with the City of White Plains. These are basic simple questions to ensure you are getting the best quality service.
- There is a software update for Zoom, the new version is Version is now 5.8.3 (1581).
- Microsoft has begun pushing to all Windows 10 users PC Health Check. This simple program basically tells you if your computer meets the hardware requirements to run Windows 11. Windows 10 is not going away and will be supported until 2025.
- PC Magazine's Reviews for Anti-Virus (both paid & free).
11/19/21 - A new version of Windows 10 is just around the corner.
- Wondering if you should upgrade to Windows 11? Read this article which gives you some good information.
11/17/21 - How to Install Windows 11 on Your Computer.
11/16/21 - Dell has published a list of computers that are compatible with Windows 11.
11/15/21 - Microsoft has released a free program called PC Health Check for you to download to see if your computer will run Windows 11 being released today, 10/5.
11/14/21 - Microsoft will end Windows 10 Support in October 2025.
11/13/21 - Microsoft announced today it is ending support for it's Internet Explorer web browser as of 6/15/2022.
11/12/21 - We are a mobile computer repair & training company, specializing in Windows 10/11, that travels to your home to assist you with your computer or training needs. We also offer remote assistance using Go-To-Assist: an industry standard. We do not work on Apple devices. We now offer pick and drop-off service for your health, safety and convenience.

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